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The philanthropic and non-profit landscape is ever-changing and your intervention strategy requires customized solutions that deliver on your needs and expectations. Unboxed Philanthropy Advisors employs a combination of traditional philanthropy and resource development principles, unconventional wisdom, informed insights, and smart brand strategy solutions to align with your specific mission and social commitment.

Philanthropy Advising

We offer a wide range of options for individual donors, foundations and corporate giving programs to build flexible, innovative and community-focused options for your charitable giving. Based on your needs, we will create a giving strategy and portfolio, facilitate the set-up vehicles and learning opportunities – like donor advised funds, giving circles, and collaborative funds. We are your partners in forming and implementing your philanthropy strategy.

Values Planning

Leverage your passions to build impactful giving programs and organizations.

Community Engagement Strategy

Create market strategies that map and foster deep relationships within your targeted community.

Board Development

Build, empower, and train an engaged and accountable board of directors or advisors to help you realize your full organizational potential.

Non Profit Support

We provide systems and strategies to help strengthen your organization and grow your impact. From the design stage of starting a non profit to developing and implementing a strategic plan and fundraising strategy, we help you evaluate your organizational model and reshape as needed to keep pace with your impact and growth goals. We help you clarify your thinking to articulate your organization’s intended impact and theory of change, and work with you to identify funding approaches best suited for your organization.

Landscape Analysis

Scan, examine and plot the universe of non profit and philanthropic entities within the issue area you want to explore and support.

Partnership Development

Develop a strategy to fund and sustain your philanthropic goals and identify potential collaborators and allies.

Talent Acquisition

Identify, recruit, and onboard the right person or people who will execute your philanthropic and organizational goals.

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