In Stressful Times, These Funders See Hope in Intersectionality

by Unboxed Philanthropy


One of the largest-ever gatherings of leaders in progressive philanthropy just convened in New Orleans. Seeking new ways forward on equity, CHANGE Philanthropy’s 2017 Unity Summit drew over 700 attendees from across the spectrum of social justice philanthropy.


Ten different funder affinity groups and support organizations pitched in to pull off the four-day event.


Funder summits aren’t exactly a new phenomenon in philanthropy, and neither is the term “intersectionality.” Like “breaking down silos,” intersectionality gets a lot of buzz when funders come together, but what does it actually mean when check-writing time rolls around?


According to the Unity Summit’s organizers, now is the time for progressive funders to take that question more seriously. As Ben Francisco Maulbeck, president of Funders for LGBTQ Issues, told me: “Every few weeks, there’s a new executive order. We really feel like we have to collaborate to bring our networks together because we’re facing the same kinds of threats.”


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